Sunday, 8 May 2016


'Teenage Driving Laws May Just Delay Deadly Crashes' is an article written by Anahad O’Connor who is a reporter for The New York Times, covering health, fitness, nutrition and epidemiology. He writes for the Science Times section as well as the paper’s Health and Wellness blog. This article is about the law that only focusing on 16 years old teenage driver but at the same time still cannot solve the accident problems. 

The author intention is to affirm that even if they tougher the licensing laws for teenage drivers can reduced deadly accidents among 16-year-olds, but with an unintended consequence, increasing the fatal crash rate among 18-year-olds.Facts and arguments put forward by the author are inclined on the law are saving teen drivers over all, but it’s not nearly what we thought it would be. 

I agree with the author which he claimed that, 16-17 years old teenagers that suppose to deal with extra restriction while waiting to get a license at 18 results in a greater chance of inexperienced drivers. He also claims that teenagers don't get much practical experience when they have co-driver. He strengthen his point by saying that the teenagers should learn what it means to be fully responsible for a vehicle and knowing how to “self-regulate.”

The author provides the research that have been made which is the teenage driver not only drive recklessly but make simple mistake. Teenagers tend to easily get distract while driving which can cause accidents. It is proven that even if they tougher licensing laws they still cannot solve the problems. 

The tone used by the author is incredulous which the author doubtful with the programs that have been introduced. He claimed that the problem still have not been solved and the program does not working. 

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