Monday, 9 May 2016

Critique- Teenage Drivers? Be very afraid.

'Teenage Drivers? Be very afraid' is an article by Bruce Feiler on the 19th March 2016. Bruce Feiler is an American Writer and television personality. He is the author of 12 books, including six consecutive New York Times non-fiction bestsellers.

The author claims that one of the biggest factors that is contributing to premature death of teenagers is mainly the driving reason. The range of age when a teenager's risk of involving in an accident is between 16-17 years old. The author also did mentioned that death in motor vehicle accidents among teenagers has surpassed other forms of deaths.

The author strengthened his point of view by suggesting the major factor that has caused accidents which is the influence of technology and the influence of friends. Teenagers are succumb by these two are prone to accidents than those who are not. The author also did suggested that parents should play am important role by fixing essential equipment into their kids car, however, the parents do not think it is necessary by saying that they have been in the same shoe before and an eye on the road is just enough to avoid accidents. The author went against the hypothesis and argued that advanced safety features is well worth the money and peace of mind even if its expensive.

The tone of the article is convincing. The author has brought up the issue with detailed facts to support his article. For example, he proved in every way he could to convince the readers that extra eyes should be set on teenagers to avoid accidents in the future.

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