Monday, 25 April 2016

The purpose of this articles is to show how tougher laws could be the key to lower the percentage of highway fatality among teenagers. However, in this article, they are only focusing on 16 years old teenage drivers and in consequences they have to face with the increase of 18-19 years olds fatality.

The author claims that, 16-17 years old teenagers that suppose to deal with extra restriction while waiting to get a license at 18 results in a greater chance of inexperienced drivers. He also claims that teenagers don't get much practical experience when they have co-driver. It is good to have someone supervising you but it is a completely different experience to drive alone and to get the feeling of responsibility of the vehicle.

The tone of the author is unstatisfied and shocked. From all the programs, there is still a net overall saving but it is not what they thought it would be because there was an increase in number of fatality in the 18-19 years olds.

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