Monday, 9 May 2016


The article 'Teenage Driving Laws May Just Delay Deadly Crashes' by Arahad O'connor is about tougher licensing laws that have reduced road fatality among 16 years-olds, but unintedly increases those among 18 years-olds.

          The author claims that the laws and the programs only looked at younger teen. Indeed, road fatality has been reduced among the younger teenagers but looking at the bigger picture, these laws are just delaying those deadly crashes. He also strongly believe that skipping restriction is one of the reason to increase road fatality.

          Firm statistics is given by the author where there have been 1348 fewer deadly crashes among 16 years-old but 1086 more fatal crashes involving 18 years olds.

          The tone of the author is unstastisfied because the results is not really what they have expected eventhough there is still a net overall saving.

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